We all know I hate any season that isn’t summer.  I spend much of my time letting everyone know that.  I have to take it back though.  I love, love, love summer and the heat.  I can tolerate and find great things about other seasons as well.

Fall is here.  I haven’t been able to smell the wet leaves yet but a trip to Simmons Farm was a great way to get into the fall fever.  Simmons is about 30 minutes south of Pittsburgh.  Over the years I have visited many different farms that have hay rides and pumpkin picking but this is my favorite one of them all.


For $10.75 per person you get:

Hayride to the field

one pumpkin

one ear of indian corn

an apple

small cup of apple cider

100 ft slide

3 acre corn maze

hay maze and smaller corn maze for younger kids


Depending on weather and how many people are there is also:


petting zoo

pony rides

apple sling shot

We choose a great day to go.  It was definitely a chilly fall morning which kept many away until later in the afternoon.

Once you pay you walk through a greenhouse like structure where there are pumpking carving examples,

a corn playbox,

and concessions.

At the end of that you will find the area to wait for a tractor to come and pick you up.  We didn’t wait long at all before we were on our way.  The girls enjoyed the extra leg room.

It’s nice that adults can be just as silly as the kids.


Once we got to the field the girls wanted to shoot straight for the pumpkins.  I reminded them that if we do that first they would have to carry the pumpkins around while they do the activities.  I sure wasn’t carrying it.   So they headed straight for the 100 ft slide where there was no line.  I would have gone on myself but I knew I didn’t want to walk back up the hill and have to walk the pumpkin fields too.


We had to stop and pose for our pictures.   A friend that came on the trip suggested I should be the witch.  Hmmmm I didn’t have anything nice to say so I became the scarecrow.  Maybe I should have went with the witch?


Kids aren’t the only ones who behave like kids here.  This coming from the same jackass that suggested I be the witch :)


After he was done goofing off we went to the corn maze to play hide and seek with the kids.  What the kids didn’t know is that they were playing hide and seek with us.  We were running around the maze trying to get out all the while trying to keep them in.   What we didn’t know is they were cheating by cutting through the corn instead of going through the path.  Guess the joke was on all of us.


There was a beautiful tree I had to get a picture of.  If I wasn’t so tired I might have walked up there to sit under it.


We walked through the pumpkin patches for what seemed like forever.   My shoes were getting wet and muddy and honestly I don’t want to know what else was on my shoes.  It was fun chasing the girls all over.  They were excited to find the biggest pumpkin they could.  Mind you my rule was you had to be able to carry it yourself.  I didn’t think kids were that strong but I guess I was wrong.


At the petting zoo were a few very cute animals.  They were relatively young and small enough that they weren’t frighting.  Well unless they try to eat your purse, which they did to my friend.  Then you have a few who turn around and have the nastiest dingle berries hanging from you know where.  Yuck.  Lucky for you I don’t have any pictures of that to share with you.  Instead we have a goat chewing on another goat.


We had a great day at Simmons Farm.  If your in the Pittsburgh area I recommend going out for a visit.   They also have apple picking that I would like to go back and do sometime.