I have been gone a long time haven’t I?  I apologize for that my dear friends and readers.  While I haven’t blogged much in a very long time I have been writing. Just the other day I renewed my website for another 2 years. Seriously, it was just the other day.  It automatically comes out of my bank account and I did nothing to stop it.  I had many weeks of notice and still did nothing.  Now I am stuck with this website, on purpose.   I have had some exciting things happen and can’t wait to share them. I have decided to remove all most of my past blog posts for the time being, The exception will be those linked on Pinterest as that would just be mean.  I am sure the 10,473 48 people that re-pinned my links would be very upset with me if I got rid of those posts.   I leave you with nothing but this short update, the few linked on Pinterest, and the dream of what is to come.

Imagine, if you will, with me.

  • Imagine a beautiful new design.
  • Imagine hearing from me more often.
  • Imagine that I bring back some of those old posts.  Some of them need some serious editing.  Maybe I will label them “My Past Life”.  What will I write about?  I am not sure even I know the answer to that just yet.