What Christmas means to me:
Good food, family and the spirit of giving. That is the simplest explanation of why I celebrate. I am not religious.

I love the holiday movies with favorites being ‘A Christmas Story’ (24 full hours every year) ‘Christmas Vacation’ and ‘Elf’.

I love Christmas music, particularly punk rock Christmas music.

I love making a big dinner for people. Even better with helping hands to put more love into the meal.

I love giving gifts. I’ve never felt I was too over the top. I always choose items I think the other person would want or need. If you just pick something to give something I don’t see the point.

I had everything I wanted this Christmas.

Gift giving was humorous with some of us wrapping a gift in a gift, and many items wrapped inside another wrapped box.

My girls helped me make lunch for my sweeties family I got to meet today.

My sweetie helped me make dinner before having to go to work.

This was the best Christmas ever!
Enjoy my new favorite Christmas song to go with my first year living in a beach town :)
Christmas in the Sand

Merry Christmas from my family to yours :)