I am still amazed at life.
As I sit here I contemplate things like…..

How did I get so lucky? I live in an amazing beach city, with amazing weather and with an amazing guy. With the guy being the absolute best part of it all.

Everything that led me up to today was worth it. All the pain, tears, heartache, and even the depression have made me who I am, and have led me to the life I now have.

Nothing is ever perfect in life but I have learned to enjoy and appreciate what I have. I have someone by my side. He loves me, for me. He is good to my kids, that aren’t his. If I died tomorrow I will have died a happy and full of life woman.

We bring out the best in each other. Playful bickering, teasing, tickling, and acting like general goofballs is the highlight of everyday.

The world is our “room”.

I amazed every morning when I wake up and see him by my side.
I am amazed that we fell into this insta family so easily.
I am amazed at the sky every day as I see the clouds and palm trees.
I am amazed that my kids, while they miss Pittsburgh, have adjusted rather well.
I am amazed that life can be so wonderful.