The other day he asked me what I wanted for my birthday to which I responded, “I have everything I need.” I meant it, I didn’t want nor expect anything. I’m like that, gifts dont make a birthday. All I wanted was to visit the beach and spend the day with him.


It’s 3:30 pm on my birthday and I have already had the best birthday I can remember.

My guy works until midnight so I was sleeping when he got home last night. He woke me up to a gift. He knew it was something I wanted.

My kids all remembered my birthday which made me happy :). I still have many friends to thank on facebook for the birthday wishes as well.

My guy isn’t fond of the beach so it meant so much to me that he was willing to take me this morning and sit there with me.


He took me to breakfast at my favorite place for my favorite meal, Fresh fruit crepes at First Watch.


We finished off they day swimming in the pool before he went to work.

I don’t expect anything from you my love but know that it was an awesome day, thank you! I love you more everyday!