Of course I find stories in paradise. I just have a knack for running into other crazy people and situations.

I have been searching for a job since before i moved here. I finally got a call to come in for an interview the other day. Everyone tells me the bus transit system here sucks compared to a big city. At first I didn’t believe them telling them how horrible Pittsburgh’s has been getting these days.

So this job interview just had to be in the middle of the day, way the hell up there…. Oh sorry it was somewhere kinda far. Anyway since it was middle of day my sweetie was able to drop me off on way to work and I had to take buses home. Unless its close by home I still haven’t figured this city out yet. The interview lasted all of 15 minutes and the girl interviewing me was from Pittsburgh. When it was over I had an hour until another bus was coming so I did some shopping.

Luckily I left the store earlier than I thought I needed to as it was a hike to the bus stop. Everything looks so much closer on google maps. By the time I reached the stop I had sweat pouring down my back, I know right so hot! Florida is damn hot. I keep forgetting the need for water when doing any activity including going to get the mail. So I wait for the bus to come and it was right on time, imagine that. It was a short bus, seriously.

The fare is much cheaper than Pittsburgh tho no transfers. Two buses here cost me $2.50, in Pittsburgh two buses costs $3.50 with a transfer.

Anyway thank goodness for google maps so I can see where we were compared to where I needed to get off the bus. I had to cross a very busy street with like four lanes in each direction. They have lights and crosswalks here but damn still freaks me out.

There I am standing on the side of the road, waiting, sweating. I was thankful the next bus a/c was in high gear! It didn’t take long to realize I was on the ghetto bus going through the hood. I lived in a hood for 12 years, but I don’t know this hood so a little fear of the unknown I guess. Obviously I made it out just fine :)

I finally make it to downtown Sarasota where I could take yet another bus or walk home. I decide to stop in Whole Foods, which is huge here, and walk instead of paying for another bus. BIG mistake! Downtown is pretty dead in the early evening. Unless you count the homeless people that they call vagrants here. So here I am having traveled by two buses already, sweaty and tired, in new sandals and a dress and I decide to walk. It took me 30 minutes to get home, on foot, in the Florida heat. WTF was I thinking?

When I finally made it home Dinner was pretty much….. Get it your damn self lol

I guess that was one way of getting to know some of this city :)

Check out this pic of some ducks I saw close to home on my way back.


Did I mention I love it here? Cause I do :)