2010 is over and 2011 is the year to look forward to.

Last night I feel asleep at 11:30. I didn’t watch the ball drop.  I didn’t go anywhere.

My and my boring self had enough of 2010.

There will be no traditions for good luck.  What did the do for me previous years?

No crazy resolutions like quitting smoking or loosing 30 lbs.

I need to quit smoking but that can be done on any day.

I don’t need to loose weight but I think people need to consider a more obtainable goal such as “I will try to work out 30 min a week.”  It’s not overkill and it is obtainable.


So I have some goals for myself for this year.


Category:  Self

* Clean something every day so it doesn’t become overwhelming.

* Scan paperwork to have less clutter.

* Burn pictures once a month onto DVD.

* Finish my recipe book project. It needs updated and photo’s of food I have made added.  My goal is to promote and sell it.

* Spend less – Save more. I had to be frugal for many years of my adult hood out of necessity.  We are not rich by any means but we are doing good.  We buy whatever we need and sometimes whatever we want.  It’s not all bad but we have no cushion if one of us would loose our job.

* Continue eating better. I have destroyed that the last two months.  The holidays, stress, no time have led me to eat like crap and my body is screaming.

* Utilize things to help me.

Wreck This Journal will foster destructive creativity.

Living Well With Anxiety will help me take hold of my anxiety more.

Getting the Love You Want will help me in my relationships.


Do Yoga. I think it will help me de-stress more and feel better.  I did it for awhile about a year or so ago but I pulled a muscle and haven’t done it since.  I really want to go to a Yoga class but since that is difficult to manage I should utilize the On Demand I pay for and do it at home.

* Find happiness in my work or find another job.  What I love to do I can’t find a way to get paid for and we need the money and health insurance I carry so………….


Category: Blog Better

* Utilize what knowledge I have been given. I went to PodCamp Pittsburgh and have a notebook full of notes and podcasts on my Ipod.  I haven’t listened to the podcasts and skimmed over my notes.  I made some changes to my blog but not many.

* Change the reason I blog.  I started my blog on January 4, 2010, almost a year ago.  I started my blog for myself and never wanted to change that.  A year later I realize I have to.  While I still want to write for myself only close friends and some family really read it.  So what’s the point of writing it?  Sure I have an archive of my life to look back on but why write a blog at all if I am being selfish I can do that in a handwritten journal for only myself.  I need to figure out what I have to offer that other people are interested in.  Many people have a topic they write about.  I have a hard time limiting my life and interests so if that means I won’t be an uber popular blogger then that is okay.  My blog is my own style.  I will always have personal stuff here but I will try and find a way to be of interest to others.

Some new things I have come up with and would love your input.

* Do a 365 Days Photography Project. I love to photograph things.  I am no professional but it’s something i enjoy and want to learn how to do better at it.  My plan is to take at least one photograph a day.  At the end of the week I will post one photo per day for the past week for the rest of the year.

* Give something away on my blog.  I do have something to give away, it’s not anything big but it’s a start.  I just need to figure out how I will do it.

* I thought about doing a Food Challenge.  I like to come up with new food and get creative.  I think I will start a challenge where I will ask my readers to submit an ingredient and a course.  I will use the online randomizer to choose the suggestions and will create something based on that.  I would give my readers so long to submit, then myself so long to create and blog about it sharing the recipe and photo’s.


I made goals last year.  See my last update on how I did.

I am adding the goals I need to keep:

Try to be more positive

Do more for myself

Take care of myself

Learn to cook healthy food

Have pics printed


So let’s take a look back for just a bit.


The living room is almost done.  You remember the never ending living room project that drove me nuts right?

We need trim and new carpet and will do that when it gets warmer outside as we have to wait until it is warmer to stain outside.


Remember what it used to look like?

I am pleased with how it turned out but please if I ever want to start a remodel project before the holidays remind me not to! -


The Kids on Christmas Day in front of the tree.


My 2010

On Facebook I used an App to create my Year in Photo’s.

From top to bottom, left to right:

Cierra and Me at a Bride Show.  I was to be her maid of honor tho the wedding never happened :(

Alison in 2 feet of snow in what Pittsburgh called snowmageddon.

Spring Event at Capa High School Jeremy & Alison are painting pots for a project.

Hanging in Southside with my kids and my sister and her kids.

Alison’s 11th Birthday party we rented out a local ice rink.  It was a blast!

Jeremy’s 8th grade Graduation.

Best Restaurants Party. I hope to attend again this was one of the best events I had been to in Pittsburgh.

My dear Angel.

Me at the Beach on Hilton Head Island.

Autumn holding our new puppy Baby.

Autumn & Me at a Saxaphone performance at school.

Me and My sister.

Alison at Simmons Farm.

Alison at a local Halloween event.  This is the best picture I think I have ever taken.

My kids and my sisters kids on Halloween trick or treating.

My sister and her fiancée the night they got engaged!  Congrats!!!


Last but not least Thank You to all my readers this past year!  Thank you for being a part of my life by reading about it.   Here  is to a new year of wonderful things!  I wish you all a happy and healthy new year!