I finally got to eat at Nadines Bar and Restaurant in the Southside.  I pass by it on my way home from work everyday.  I keep telling myself, “Self, you need to go there and eat one of these days.”  It especially peaked my interest when I found out Diners, Drive In’s and Dives filmed there.  


From the outside it looks like a small dive bar.  Guess what?  From the inside it’s a small dive bar and I loved it.  

Passing by many days I see an older man sitting in one of those power wheelchairs planted right by the front door, sometimes it’s just the empty chair.  On rainy days you may find the chair is covered with a small tarp or umbrella.  In the winter the lonely chair is in the snow.  Most days you can count on it being there.  When I go by and it’s not there I wonder about the strange man who occupies it.  Where might he be?  If I don’t see him for days I hope he is okay.  I don’t even know him, never met him and have no idea what his name is.  The day I went to eat at Nadine’s the chair was outside and he was perched on a stool at the bar, eating food.   It seems like that kind of place; where regulars go.  They probably go to talk to the same people, watch the same stuff on tv, drink the same drinks.  I bet you can count on them being there.  I bet they consider each other friends, if not family in a way.


When I walked in I wasn’t sure where to sit.  There was a bar going much of the length of the building with stools around it.  The outer walls had tables with 2-4 chairs each.  I sat at a table in the corner and my sister asked for menus.  The man running the bar was incredibly nice and went over all the specials.  We decided on the roast beef special that Guy Fieri ate in the episode of Diners, Drive In’s and Dives.  The specials are currently $6.35 with tax and drink which to me is a steal.

Ten minutes after ordering he set the plate in front of me.


It looked just like the plate Guy ate.  The smell made me even hungrier. The meat was so juicy and tender it melted in your mouth.  I have had some great home cooking but this tops my list for roast beef.  The mashed potatoes had some skin in it and they were lumpy.  If you’re me that’s a treat!



It was so good that I cleaned my plate. I will be sure to go back and try some of their other specials and menu items.  I bet they make a great breakfast.  There is nothing like diner food. It just feels like home.  If you’re looking for good home cooking and some all around nice people a visit to Nadines is a must!


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