I went to lunch with my sister at The Cheesecake Factory in Southside Works.  We had a hard time deciding where to eat in that area.  There were two newer places I hadn’t eaten at yet though my sister never ate at the Cheesecake Factory.

First I must say the place is beautiful.  I am sure it cost a fortune to get this place going.  You think the outside is nice the inside is just crazy.

The ceilings are very high with beautifully decorated columns and walls. The seating is comfortable and the backs of the booths are high enough that you don’t have your neighbors staring at you.  Yeah I just love having weirdo’s staring at me while I am eating.  I had it happen at an Eat N Park recently and I wanted to ask her if she needed money for food or something she was so up in my shit. I didn’t realize we were that interesting of a family to watch eat.

Anyway they give you some nice bread to fill up on while you wait.

That was our second basket of bread.  I’m not sure if it was that good or I was that hungry.

Ok the menu.  It’s ginormous, about 20 pages. So that tells me they aren’t great at any one thing.  Oh, except for cheesecake. Too many menu items makes it difficult to decide what to eat.

My sister ordered a B.L.T. Salad which is supposed to be an Appetizer Salad.  It was half a head of lettuce in two wedges.  She said it was good but didn’t realize they would put the dressing on for you before bringing the plate.

I ordered Renee’s Special which consisted of half a chicken salad sandwich, a cup of potato soup and a small green salad.  It looks more like a whole sandwich to me but who am I to complain? I took half home and ate it the next day and it was just as yummy!  I just wish I had known there were nuts on the sandwich.  I had to sit there and pick them all out! The soup was good once I took the sour cream off the top of it.  The salad was very stemmy and I couldn’t eat much of it.

I don’t eat dessert just about anywhere.  Like most anywhere else they could cut down the amount of food they give you and charge less.  The difference however is I want to take home dessert when I go here where other places the dessert isn’t all that.  It’s the one place that even after that large bill I still want to spend more to take a slice of heaven home.  They have an entire page of different types of cheesecake but I like good old original.

I never liked Cheesecake much.  This stuff is like an orgasm in your mouth.

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