I often blog about Southside wanderings so you think I would live there.  Nope.  Even though there are news articles of assholes coming from bars and peeing on peoples sidewalks at 2am I still would rather live there than where I do.   I don’t live far at all though so I venture there often.

There is always something to do in Southside day or night.  My sister and I ventured there to get some walking in.

Caribou Coffee can be found on East Carson in Southside Works.  I buy their K-Cups for my Keurig Coffee Maker.  I didn’t see them in the shop but you can find them many places K-Cups are sold.  On a hot day my Strawberry Banana smoothie sure hit the spot!

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Now that I had a cool drink I was hungry.  So we ventured to The Pretzel Shop for something to eat.  If you didn’t already know they have sandwiches made out of pretzels.  Think that’s weird?  Try one!  My favorite used to only be available one day of the week and is now available every day.  They also make veggie pizza on a pretzel among other goodies.  They provide outdoor seating if you want to eat it right there.  You can find them on 2316 East Carson.  Here is a website with their menu —- Pretzel Shop Menu.

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I hadn’t been in S&S Candy and Cigar Company in years.  It can be found at 2025 East Carson.  They have alot of bulk candy items for sale.   It is quiet a savings compared to buying that much in single packs.  I know many local softball and baseball leagues purchase here for the snack bar.  My only wish is that they had the candy dots on paper.  I miss those.

We realized that it was a Tuesday and the Farmers Market would be in Southside.  You can find it on Tuesdays at 20th & Sidney Street in a parking lot from 3:30pm-7:30pm.  Pittsburgh has many other Farmers Markets in other neighborhoods too.   Here are some photos from some of the booth’s.

I hadn’t been to a Farmers Market in years.  I remember as a kid going with my parents.  I can recall fruits, veggies, flowers and even some meat and cheese.  I don’t remember homemade goodies though.  The market was on the small end but had lots of fresh as well as already made pies, mexican food, greek food, homemade soaps, and goat dairy products.  I have found similar local produce cheaper elsewhere though so watch prices (Strip District).  Also some venders at the same market have the same items that differ in price so it pays to take a walk around.  Most of the vendors did allow you to sample their products. I went home with baklava & an apricot roll.