What a wierd name Holfbrauhaus.  I should look up what it means. Obviously it’s German and I am not entirely sure of how to pronounce it.  My sister and I decided to go here for lunch one day in the Southside Works.  I like trying new places.  I was ready to give up though when we couldn’t find the front door.  We walked back and forth in front of the building.  It was hot and I was ready to walk across the street and eat elsewhere.

This is the front of the restaurant.  If you can, see those doors at the far right?  Looks like an entrance doesn’t it? It’s not.  They are huge doors that I am guessing are used for loading?

Are you getting memorized by the Beer?  Yeah I think I was too.  See to the left there is an archway.  Go through there and you will find the entrance.  The place is ginormous!  They have loads of wooden tables inside and the waitress’s dress like bar wenches.  The waitress was very nice.  They  have a ridiculous amount of outdoor seating under cover and on a patio below.

So we got “The Works Sampler” and a side of Buttered Spatzle.  The Sampler included pretzels, fried pickles, sauerkraut balls and potato pancakes.

The sauerkraut balls have ham in them.  For someone who doesn’t like sauerkraut they were ok but I only ate one.  I’ve never eaten fried pickles.  I did as my sister suggested and dipped in ranch dressing.  Potato pancakes were fluffy on the inside and just yummy!  The spatzle was good, just a tad on the too salty side.  Oh yeah and they make their own cheese.  We were told its like cheddar mixed with their beer.  You definitely could taste a hint of beer in it.  It wasn’t bad, just was different.

We chose to sit outside and probably would have enjoyed it more if I couldn’t get the noise out of my head.  There was construction going on out back and I kept thinking I was at Kennywood.  It was messing with me.  The jackhammer made that sound when a roller coaster is getting pulled up the first hill.  I was ready to finish my food and jump in line!

I’m sure I will visit again and try something else.  Maybe I will even try the beer next time.
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